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He's busy evolving... 

      On his first day at Georgetown University in 1965, Michael Orlando fell in love with the Jesuits' approach to education
and their deep commitment to scholarship and the pursuit of wisdom. 

During his subsequent eight years at Georgetown, Dr. Orlando obtained a M.S., Ph.D., and M.D. and completed a one-year medical internship. He then moved on to a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, a leading medical research facility in Bethesda, Maryland.


    As a pathologist, husband, father, and grandfather, Dr. Orlando has participated in the full range of obligations inherent in the human condition: Procreation, Nurturing, and Creativity. He calls these essential human tasks the Three Pillars of Evolution and they support man's quest for meaning as explored in The Quantum Kiss


   Now retired and living in Davidson, North Carolina, Dr. Orlando spends his time thinking, reading, and writing
about man's dynamic role in evolution and whether we can, indeed, achieve immortality.                      


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